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CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray: Have a Question, Doubt, or Lack of Response? Get an Additional Opinion

You (or a loved one) have had an imaging exam but... You didn't understand the diagnosis and want better information? No abnormalities were found, and you want your exam to be reviewed? You are undecided or doubtful about the next steps in your care journey or about new follow-up imaging exams to be done? You simply want to get a specialized opinion?


Import Your Imaging Exam.

In a few seconds, search for your condition, fill out a form tailored to your needs, select a doctor or let RadioLogs choose the most suitable one for you, import your medical imaging to our platform, and submit the request.


A Specialized Doctor Reviews Your File.

We connect you with a specialized radiologist for your case, who will then be the only one able to consult and analyze your file on our platform. We notify you at each new step and remain available to help you and answer your questions.


Receive Your Written Report within 7 Days.

With details on what is normal or not, an opinion on the follow-up to be given, and the possible follow-up imaging exams to plan. Finally, clear and adapted information about your health issue will be provided, with proposals for suitable screening if you wish. You just have to forward these documents to your treating doctor to progress in your treatment and care journey.

Your Health Deserves Specialists

Every patient will undergo an imaging exam at some point, and the radiologist is the doctor who must analyze them and transmit their conclusions to your surgeon or treating physician. With the help of the radiologist's report, your doctor can then give your diagnosis, decide to start treatment, surgery, follow-up, or explain your prognosis to you. So, do you want your exam to be reviewed?

  • A Team of Leading Doctors

    We have gathered radiologist doctors among the most specialized and recognized for each situation, to whom we direct you. We have all undergone rigorous training in the most prestigious university hospitals and now practice in these centers, with medical, academic, and scientific activities.

  • Our Goal?

    That you can quickly obtain a understandable written report allowing you to make your decisions clearly and serenely in relation to your treating doctor.

  • Discover Our Solution

    Our platform ensures fair access to the best specialist wherever you are for your health issue.

    Our mission is to prioritize your health and the quality of your care above all.

Your Data Also Deserves Specialists.

We understand the crucial importance of the confidentiality of your medical data. That's why we implement state-of-the-art security measures to guarantee the complete protection of your information. Our commitment to data security is manifested through three fundamental pillars:

  • Your Data Also Deserves Specialists.

    Respecting international standards, including the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties), our approach integrates total traceability and advanced encryption, ensuring optimal security for your medical data.

  • Your Data Also Deserves Specialists.

    Health Data Hosting (HDS) ensures the security of your medical information online, guaranteeing total confidentiality during consultations or exchanges with healthcare professionals.

  • Your Data Also Deserves Specialists.

    Two-factor authentication strengthens the security of your connections. An OTP code sent via SMS ensures that each access, whether for patients or doctors, is authenticated and secure.

Doctors and Patients Who Have Used Our Services Testify.

Explore the different experiences of our patients who have used our closest collaborators who can successfully carry out their mission of care thanks to our service...

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